Britney Evans
Gender Female
Age 10
Height Same height to Isabella
Nationality American
Hometown Danville
Born Nov,17,1998
Hair color Brown
Eye color Aqua
Professional Information
Profession Flight attendant
Affiliations The Airlines of Tiana Evans
Friends and Family
Parents Matilda Jones,Elmer evans
Siblings Martha Evans
Grandparents Tiana Evans,Robert evans
Love interests Ferb fletcher
Pet(s) Cookie the guinea pig,Cleo The Black cat,Brownie The Goldfish,Anthony The Hamster
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Airline girl
Voiced by Tara strong
Britney is the flight attendant in The Airline girl.


Britney is known as a Joy and fashionable friend. She is close with Isabella and Grace . She has a Fashionable Personality,She enjoys hanging out with Isabella and grace.


In her Casual Outfit Britney has a same outfit to Isabella but there colors are not Same Briney is Pink and Isabella is Fuchsia pink.

In her Flight attendant outfit Britney wears A Uniform with Pink Sleeves,Pink hat with a Carmine Ribbon ,Pink skirt and Black Heels.

In her Swimsuit outfit She wears Pink Hibiscus Bikini with Sexy Pareo And Brown slippers.


Britney was interested in Phineas and ferb machines,Also Some Pink Stuff. Her sister thinks that britney is crazy for all of her pink stuff.


The name Britney was Also a form of Brittany her name was Belong to French and Latin origins and it means Land of the Britons, either Brittany or Britain. And her Middle Name Jane, Her name was belong to Hebrew which means God is Gracious.


Isabella Garcia-ShapiroEdit

Isabella is Britney Best friend, There were close to each other.

Grace HudsonEdit

Grace is Britney Second Best friend,She likes Grace Kindness and Sweet.

Ferb FletcherEdit

Britney has a crush on Ferb ,Ferb was also Britney Childhood friend But they din't meet for 4 years After 4 years Britney meeted her childhood friend.

Phineas flynnEdit

Britney friends,Britney was very Interest in Phineas and ferb Machines but she also helps them.

Candace flynnEdit

Britney friends,Britney nevers likes candace when candace is saying to Phineas and ferb Busted,Britney thinks Candace is to horrible for her circle of friends.

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